Șefa FMI, Christine Lagarde, avertizează asupra unei "furtuni" care ar putea afecta economia mondială - Hotnews Mobile
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pentru amarasteni...
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1. be big! -
...as Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum once said “The bigger your vision, the bigger your achievement will be…we cannot let fear keep us small. We have to be brave to be big."

2. Atentie la politica fiscala

"Because without a stable foundation, even the best policies can flounder. Without a stable foundation, fiscal policy will lack credibility.

In this vein, I will address two key pillars of good fiscal management: (i) strong fiscal frameworks; and (ii) good governance and transparency."

zic Docila noastra viseaza zi si noapte chestiile astea
Bine ca are viziune
Observatory [utilizator], Luni, 11 februarie 2019, 21:08
globalista dar nu vede mizeria din țara ei...
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