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Disaster at Romania's motorway company: 0 km of motorways, 0 km of by-pass variants, 0 km of national road completed in 2017, says association

de Editorial Staff Joi, 14 decembrie 2017, 18:28
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The end of the year balance sheet of Romania's National Road Infrastructure Administration Company (CNAIR) shows a disaster on all levels, says Pro Infrastructure Association, which asks the CNAIR director to resign. The NGO that tracks  the infrastructure projects is accusing the motorway company management of not finding solutions to launch public "new, perfectly circulating road segments."

"Disaster on all plans at the end-of-year balance sheet of the National Company for Road Infrastructure Administration! 0 km of highways, 0 km of roundabouts, 0 km of national road finalized in 2017! ", writes the Pro Infrastructure Association.
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