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Romanian PM Tudose: In maximum one year, Romania and Bulgaria are in Schengen area. The two countries are oasis of safety for their citizens

de Editorial Staff Miercuri, 4 octombrie 2017, 0:03
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Romanian PM Mihai Tudose said in Varna, Bulgaria on Tuesday that he believed that Romania and Bulgaria would be part of the Schengen area within a year, as the two states offer the European Union one of the most secure border police, according to News.ro news agency. At the same time, according to Agerpres, Tudose said that Romania and Bulgaria are "two oases of stability and safety for the citizen on the street".

"Romania and Bulgaria offer the European Union one of the most secure Border Police, against human trafficking, as the figures say. I am convinced that within one year Romania and Bulgaria are in the Schengen area," said Mihai Tudose in Varna, answering questions about the joint projects of the two countries on Schengen integration.
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