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​INTERACTIVE APP Transylvania's most beautiful fortified churches - Stories from a gone world

de Victor Cozmei Sâmbătă, 5 august 2017, 1:14
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Some of the most beautiful fortified churches in Transylvania have been presented in video reports provided by HotNews.ro and Deutsche Welle as part of a project on the cultural and historic heritage of Transylvanian Saxons. Spectacular images including drone footage provide a unique perspective on this heritage.

All these reports (in Romanian language) are now available in an interactive map. Reports in English are available here

> Each church marked on the map has a short description.

­> See the video report within the app. Use full screen to see it at better dimensions.

Can't see the app on mobile or want to see it full screen?
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The project is supported by Therme and Selgros
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