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​LIVE VIDEO Worldwide at home, Transylvania at heart. The 27th traditional reunion of Transylvanian Saxons has begun in Sibiu

de Matei Budes, Alina Neagu Vineri, 4 august 2017, 12:20
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Several thousand people convened in central Sibiu, Romania on Friday for the opening ceremonies of the 27th traditional Reunion of Transylvanian Saxons, taking place under the motto "Worldwide at home, Transylvania at heart". The reunion brings together a large number of members of the Saxons community, who has lived in Romania for centuries before leaving abroad en masse after the fall of communism.

Dance assemblies from Transylvania, Austria and Germany opened the Saxons' Reunion with a festival of Saxon folk dance in a major square downtown Sibiu on Friday.

LIVE VIDEO feed from the Saxons' Reunion:

Saxon folk dance on a stage in downtown Sibiu:

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